Dining Room Set


Build a whole dining room set from 3 pieces of plywood!



This furniture plan allows you to build 6 dining room chairs and a dining room table from three pieces of plywood.

Why spend over $1000 on a dining room set when you can build your own for a tenth the price?

These are very simple furniture plans to follow, and will easily replace that card table and fold up chairs you’ve been using for the last year.

Chair Size:

Width 17 3/4″
Depth 24 1/4″
Height 31 3/4″

Table Size:

Width 40″
Length 70″
Height 29 1/2″

Main Supplies

Plywood – 3x 4′ by 8′ 3/4″ thick ~$70
Dowel Pins – Pack of 200 ~$10

Main Tools: Jig Saw, Drill


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